The goal of every one of the Staff & Board Members at MSC is to provide for the best possible services, programs and experiences for all of MSC's Members which is why all of them work closely together in the planning, development and implementation of all of our events, activities, trips and fundraisers. Our experienced staff is always available and happy to help answer any questions you have about your Senior Center's services, programs and policies and to make sure you get the most out of everything we offer.


                                             Brenda Coppock- Executive Director                               

                                                 Amy Stratton - Office Manager

                                               Lisa Allen -Conaway - Bookkeeper

                                                      Evetta jackson- Outreach Coordinator

                                             Rebecca Kibbe - Trip/Activities Coordinator

                                                 Brandi Slater-Cafe' Coordinator

                                    Addie Shorts - Transportation Coordinator 

                                             Gregory Mills- Transportation​ Driver

                                                Dale Spence- Transportation Driver

                                 Margarita Gonzalez- Facilities Management

                                     Ernest Jenkins-Facilities Management

                                  Albert McAllister- Facilities Management